Many people enjoy playing online games on their phones after completing work. You might allocate about half an hour to start or continue a postponed game. However, what often happens is that you end up spending more than an hour just playing.

Some people consider gaming time to be a potential waste of productive time. Some online gaming sites like Slot Gacor also offer attractive promotions and facilities, which make many players feel comfortable while completing their games. 

This becomes a concern both at work and at home, especially when spending time with family or socializing with friends. If you encounter difficulties managing your playtime, here are some tips you can follow:

Play Near Bedtime

    This tip may sound strange, but playing games close to your bedtime will make you feel tired faster, reducing the desire to continue playing. You might think, won’t this disrupt my sleep? Not necessarily, unless you start the game a few hours before bedtime when your body is still feeling fresh, which can give your brain enough energy to remain actively engaged.

    Use a Dedicated Phone for Gaming

      Invest in a new phone solely for gaming. This phone should not have any financial apps, social media, or other important applications. Problems with gaming arise when you start thinking about topping up credits on your game account, leading to double losses in finances and valuable time.

      Create a Family Agreement

        This is like playing a game within a game. Make a commitment where you write down what needs to be done during gaming sessions, the schedule for playing, and the consequences if rules are broken. This method is highly effective in keeping yourself disciplined. It’s often easier to comply under pressure from others than to commit to oneself.

        These are ways to enjoy online gaming without wasting your productive time. Initially, it may seem difficult, but eventually, you will see significant progress. Best of luck.


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