Social media has evolved in its functions. Originally used for interacting with family and friends, it has now become a platform for personal expression. Facebook, initially a place for close communication among friends and family, now appears strict in its efforts to combat spam threats.

These changes have occurred rapidly over the past decade. Another notable example is Twitter, where for the first time, the platform suspended the account of a President, namely Donald Trump.

Digging deeper, gamers today should feel satisfied. Visiting online gaming sites provides a different vibe; staring at the screen, the visual aesthetics uplift the mood. Many young people feel they can find themselves in supportive communities. However, the challenge remains popular. The more well-known you are, the more prepared you need to be for various forms of criticism from others. The question then arises: can virtual platforms truly make us feel comfortable and happy?

You are individual, not a marketing agent chasing targets

Much like playing online games, players set goals that must be achieved to complete the game. Regardless of the game being played, every endeavor has its conclusion. Individuals vie to emerge as victors, distinguished by their strength and superior rankings compared to others. This mindset has seamlessly transitioned into the realm of social media.

In today’s age, there is a pervasive race for widespread recognition. The challenge lies in the fact that social media should ideally serve no purpose unless one is a marketer or influencer mandated to garner visits and engagement.

Social Media Algorithms Engage Individuals in a Battle

Social media ought to be a platform where individuals can freely express their thoughts without involving unfamiliar parties. However, major platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram employ algorithms that facilitate the direct interaction of unknown individuals with your content, irrespective of your targeting preferences.

Social media now mirrors the competitive nature of online gaming. It necessitates conquering individuals who critique and disparage your posts. If one were to reflect on the gaming experience in Indonesia, they would perceive how what begins as a quiet pursuit can escalate into a cacophony due to the intrusion of strangers into the lives of others whom they do not know.

Should You Behave Politely on Social Media?

You have control over your life, especially concerning social media. Often, individuals feel trapped in anxiety on social media due to their concern for others’ opinions. You strive to maintain others’ feelings rather than prioritizing your own comfort. Yet, on the flip side, others may not reciprocate this concern. It feels ironic, doesn’t it?

A polite and respectful demeanor defines who you are. You are a kind person appreciated by many. Nevertheless, you must be firm in rejecting harsh words that appear in comment sections. The involvement of strangers can become troublesome because they lack emotional connection to you, hence disregarding moral boundaries when expressing rudeness.

Choosing your circle wisely is crucial. Family, friends, or close acquaintances will understand your kindness because they genuinely care. However, for strangers who lack emotional ties, they may distance themselves from you. Thus, it’s advisable to minimize toxic interactions on your social media platform.


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